3. Study subjects we recommend for your country

We give priority to applicants who choose one of our approved subjects (called sectors on the application form).
Click the following links for recommended study subjects in the Pacific, Asia, Africa, Caribbean and Latin America

We suggest you research how your proposed field of study would relate to one of these subjects to help you complete your scholarship application form. On the application form, you need to describe:

  • how your preferred courses relate to one of our recommended study subjects (Note: These are called sectors on the form.)
  • describe the skills and knowledge you want to gain from your preferred courses
  • describe how these skills and knowledge are important to your country’s development.

Applicants who apply to study courses outside of these recommended subjects may be considered if they can provide compelling evidence of the developmental relevance to their home country. Please note that applications that do not strongly align with our recommended subjects are highly unlikely to be considered.

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