7. Preferred candidates: what to do next

Preferred candidates are first in line for a Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship. To get a scholarship, preferred candidates must successfully apply for admission to a university or education institution.

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If we tell you that you are a preferred candidate, you are our first choice for a Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship. But we only give scholarships to preferred candidates who get a place at an education institution and get a student visa.

Admission and scholarship acceptance process

    1. We make first contact: First, we contact the international admissions team at your preferred education institution.
    2. You apply for admission: You must go to the website of your preferred education institution to apply for admission as an international student. When you are applying, you should identify yourself to the institution as a preferred candidate for a Manaaki New Zealand Scholarship. If you are a preferred candidate you must start the admission process as soon as you are notified, because this process can take two months for undergraduate students and three months for postgraduate students. 

      Your preferred education institution may ask for verified copies of all official documents, for example, a valid passport, birth certificate, government ID, academic records, English language test results.

      Important note: You must respond promptly to all communication from your education institution. If you do not communicate with them promptly, we may remove you from the list of preferred candidates.

    3. You get an Offer of Place: If your education institution accepts your application for admission, they send you an Offer of Place.
    4. We send you a scholarship letter: We check the Offer of Place from your education institution. Then we send you a Scholarship Letter of Offer, offering you a New Zealand Scholarship.
    5. You accept the offer scholarship within 14 days: You can log in to the Manaaki New Zealand Scholarships online application system to read and accept your Letter of Offer. You have 14 days to accept the Scholarship Letter of Offer online. A signed Scholarship Letter of Offer is a legal contract between us and you.

      When you sign a Scholarship Letter of Offer, you must accept the scholarship conditions.(See bottom of page.)

    6. You fulfil the obligations of your scholarship: To keep your scholarship, at all times scholars must respect the rules laid out in their letter of offer and the Code requirements of the Scholarship.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, some aspects of the Scholarship Conditions have been modified or suspended. Scholars on scholarship will be advised by providers as required.


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