Code of Conduct for Scholars

Scholars agree to maintain an acceptable standard of conduct while on scholarship, as specified by the Scholarship Conditions in the Letter of Scholarship Offer.

The Conditions apply to the scholar from the date of departure from their home country for their country of study, until the date of arrival in their home country on completion of the scholarship.

Acceptable scholar conduct includes:

  • abiding by the laws of the study country
  • treating others with respect
  • behaving with honesty and integrity
  • acting in a manner that reflects your role as a representative of your home country

Scholars should be aware that it is a criminal offence to use violence of any kind against another person, which includes physical, sexual, or psychological violence against family members such as partners or children. It is also a crime to neglect or exploit children in your care, or to use physical discipline of any kind. For more information on family violence and New Zealand laws, see

Academic requirements

Scholars agree to meet all of the academic requirements outlined in the Letter of Scholarship Offer and in this handbook. This includes attending all classes, completing all assessments that are compulsory course requirements, and sitting all exams. You are required to achieve satisfactory academic progress in accordance with the continuation criteria set by both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the academic institution.